Sean Dague, thanks for bringing up the subject.

This is highly relevant to my interests. =)

On 2014-11-17 7:10 PM, Robert Collins wrote:
Most production systems I know don't run with open ended dependencies.
One of our contributing issues IMO is that we have the requirements
duplicated everywhere - and then ignore them for many of our test runs
(we deliberately override the in-tree ones with global requirements).
Particularly, since the only reason unified requirements matter is for
distro packages, and they ignore our requirements files *anyway*, I'm
not sure our current aggregate system is needed in that light.

That said, making requirements be capped and auto adjust upwards would
be extremely useful IMO, but its a chunk of work;
  - we need the transitive dependencies listed, not just direct dependencies
  - we need a thing to find possible upgrades and propose bumps

I recently found this blog post which suggests using pip-review:

Could it be run once in a while against global requirements and a change proposed to gerrit to review new updates?

  - we would need to very very actively propogate those out from global

For now I think making 'react to the situation faster and easier' is a
good thing to push on.



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