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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Ironic] Proposing new meeting times

Hi all,

As discussed in Paris and at today's IRC meeting [1] we are going to be 
alternating the time of the weekly IRC meetings to accommodate our contributors 
in EMEA better. No time will be perfect for everyone, but as it stands, we 
rarely (if ever) see our Indian, Chinese, and Japanese contributors -- and it's 
quite hard for any of the AU / NZ folks to attend.

I'm proposing two sets of times below. Please respond with a "-1" vote to an 
option if that option would cause you to miss ALL meetings, or a "+1" vote if 
you can magically attend ALL the meetings. If you can attend, without 
significant disruption, at least one of the time slots in a proposal, please do 
not vote either for or against it. This way we can identify a proposal which 
allows everyone to attend at a minimum 50% of the meetings, and preferentially 
weight towards one that allows more contributors to attend two meetings.

This link shows the local times in some major coutries / timezones around the 
world (and you can customize it to add your own).

For reference, the current meeting time is 1900 UTC.

Option #1: alternate between Monday 1900 UTC && Tuesday 0900 UTC.  I like this 
because 1900 UTC spans all of US and western EU, while 0900 combines EU and 
EMEA. Folks in western EU are "in the middle" and can attend all meetings.

Option #2: alternate between Monday 1700 UTC && Tuesday 0500 UTC. I like this 
because it shifts the current slot two hours earlier, making it easier for 
eastern EU to attend without excluding the western US, and while 0500 UTC is 
not so late that US west coast contributors can't attend (it's 9PM for us), it 
is harder for western EU folks to attend. There's really no one in the middle 
here, but there is at least a chance for US west coast and EMEA to overlap, 
which we don't have at any other time.

+1, I’d be able to attend both these meetings, I believe.

-Jay Faulkner

I'll collate all the responses to this thread during the week, ahead of next 
week's regularly-scheduled meeting.


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