I have merged all of the specs that we agreed were ready for approval. Some 
needed blueprints created, so I did that too. If you have one of these specs, 
please look at the blueprint status and make sure that it is correct 
(especially if it should be “Needs Code Review” or “Blocked”). Also please 
update the blueprint with references to any reviews you have up already.

Remember, we are using blueprints and bugs linked from 
https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/next-kilo and 
https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/kilo-1 to prioritize reviews this cycle. 
Make it easy for us to find the patches related to your blueprints or bugs by 
including a reference in the commit message and setting the topic accordingly 
(tip: if you name your branch “bp/my-fancy-blueprint” then gerrit will set the 
topic to point to the blueprint automatically when you submit the patch for 


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