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>> This is great! I'm not sure if you have been following some of the 
>> discussion about the separation of vendor drivers in Neutron, but one of the 
>> things we decided was to leave the vendor data models in the main repo so we 
>> have a nice linear migration.
>> It looks like branching support may solve our problem. However, looking 
>> through the docs I didn't notice anything about where the migration 
>> definitions need to live. Can migrations be sourced from multiple locations 
>> easily?
> that’s another TODO, which is  
> https://bitbucket.org/zzzeek/alembic/issue/124/multiple-versions-directories 
> <https://bitbucket.org/zzzeek/alembic/issue/124/multiple-versions-directories>.
>    Skip down to the bottom comments as for the longest time I wasn’t really 
> getting how this would work b.c. the multiple branch thing wasn’t in place.

OK, sleeping on this I thought more deeply about the “multiple, 
semi-independent roots” case and thought of a few more glitches, so I got fixes 
in for those today and I implemented #124 as well.  Another new concept, 
“depends_on”, is added to the system to accommodate the case where independent 
roots need to refer to each other as dependencies, but not as “merge points”.   
I think this might work really well, so far it seems that way.

As the one-page docs have gotten super-long I’ve broken them out; a revised 
section that goes into how to use multiple roots and file directories now 
starts at 

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