Hello All,
Current implementation of plugins in Fuel unpacks plugin tarball
into /var/www/nailgun/plugins/.
If we implement deployment part of plugin using puppet there is a setting

This setting should specify path to modules folder. As soon as main
deployment part of plugin is implemented as a Puppet module module path
setting should be:

puppet_modules: puppet/

There is big probability that plugin implementation will require some
custom resources and functions which are implemented in fuel-library (e.g.
service config resources, stdlib functions e.t.c). So in order to use them
plugin developer has to copy them from fuel-library into plugin (if i'm not
missing something). This is not really convenient from my perspective.

I'd like to suggest to treat puppet_modules parameter as an array and pass
it to puppet binary as
# puppet apply --modulepath=<modulepath1>:<modulepath2>
This will allow to add /etc/puppet/modules as module path and use resources
and functions form fuel-library.

puppet_modules: "puppet/:/etc/puppet/moules/: <- is not allowed by yaml
parser (and yaml format I believe)

Any suggestions here?

Kind regards
Dmitry Ukov
IT Engineer
Mirantis, Inc.
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