Recently, as part of the L2 gateway thread, there was some discussion on 
BGP/MPLS/Edge VPN and how to bridge any overlay networks to the neutron 
network.  Just to update everyone in the community, Ian and I have separately 
submitted specs which make an attempt to address the cloud edge connectivity.  
Below are the links describing it:

Edge-VPN: .  This is a resubmit of for the kilo release under the “Edge 
VPN” title.  “Inter-datacenter connectivity orchestration” was just too long 
and just too generic of a title to continue discussing about :-(

I had discussions with some of you (who are active on this mailing lis) on edge 
VPN connectivity during the Paris summit and also went over it during the 
Neutron lightning talks session.  Please take the time to see if you can review 
the above mentioned specs and provide your valuable comments.

For those of you in US, have a happy Thanksgiving holidays!

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