As part of setting up version caps for Oslo and client libraries in the stable 
branches, we discovered that the fact that we do not always create stable 
branches of the Oslo libraries means the check-requirements-integration-dsvm 
job in stable branches is actually looking at the requirements in master 
branches of the libraries, and failing in a lot of cases. With the move away 
from alpha version numbers toward version caps and patch releases, we’re going 
to change the Oslo release processes so that at the end of a cycle we always 
create a stable branch from the final version of each library released in the 

Thanks to Clark and Thierry for helping by creating stable/icehouse and 
stable/juno branches for most of the libraries, though we’ve discovered one or 
two that we missed so we’re still working on a few cases.

For Kilo, we will branch all of the library repositories at the end of the 
cycle, probably following the same process as is used for the other projects 
(though the details remain to be worked out).

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