Thanks Mike!

I've left some comments on the patch.
Just out of curiosity, since now alembic can autogenerate foreign keys, are
we be able to remove the logic for identifying foreign keys to add/remove



On 1 December 2014 at 20:35, Mike Bayer <> wrote:

> hey neutron -
> Just an FYI, I’ve added /
> to refer to an issue in neutron’s
> “heal” script that is going to start failing when I put out Alembic 0.7.1,
> which is potentially later today / this week.
> The issue is pretty straightforward,  Alembic 0.7.1 is adding foreign key
> autogenerate (and really, could add more types of autogenerate at any
> time), and as these new commands are revealed within the
> execute_alembic_command(), they are not accounted for, so it fails.   I’d
> recommend folks try to push this one through or otherwise decide how this
> issue (which should be expected to occur many more times) should be handled.
> Just a heads up in case you start seeing builds failing!
> - mike
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