Assuming I still have a vote, I vote +1 for adding Henry and Kevin, both of whom I am confident will do a great job as core reviewer.

I'd ask people to consider voting against dropping me from core (and I vote -1 on that if I get a vote). During Juno, my plan was to balance my time between neutron core work and implementing GBP as part of neutron. Unfortunately, that did not go as planned, and the Juno GBP work has continued outside neutron, requiring most of my attention, and leaving little time for neutron work. I've felt that it would be irresponsible to do drive-by reviews in neutron while this is the case, so had pretty much stopped doing neutron reviews until the point when I could devote enough attention to follow through on the patches that I review. But I've continued to participate in other ways, including co-leading the ML2 sub team. The Juno GBP work is just about complete, and I have agreement from my management to make neutron work my top priority for the remainder of Kilo. So, as core or not, I expect to be ramping my neutron reviewing back up very quickly, and plan to be in SLC next week for the mid cycle meetup. If you agree that my contributions as a core reviewer have been worthwhile over the long term, and trust that I will do as I say and make core reviews my top priority for the remainder of Kilo, I ask that you vote -1 on dropping me. If I am not dropped and my stats don't improve significantly in the next 30 days, I'll happily resign from core.

Regarding dropping Nachi, I will pass, as I've not been paying enough attention to the reviews to judge his recent level of contribution.


On 12/2/14 10:59 AM, Kyle Mestery wrote:
Now that we're in the thick of working hard on Kilo deliverables, I'd
like to make some changes to the neutron core team. Reviews are the
most important part of being a core reviewer, so we need to ensure
cores are doing reviews. The stats for the 180 day period [1] indicate
some changes are needed for cores who are no longer reviewing.

First of all, I'm proposing we remove Bob Kukura and Nachi Ueno from
neutron-core. Bob and Nachi have been core members for a while now.
They have contributed to Neutron over the years in reviews, code and
leading sub-teams. I'd like to thank them for all that they have done
over the years. I'd also like to propose that should they start
reviewing more going forward the core team looks to fast track them
back into neutron-core. But for now, their review stats place them
below the rest of the team for 180 days.

As part of the changes, I'd also like to propose two new members to
neutron-core: Henry Gessau and Kevin Benton. Both Henry and Kevin have
been very active in reviews, meetings, and code for a while now. Henry
lead the DB team which fixed Neutron DB migrations during Juno. Kevin
has been actively working across all of Neutron, he's done some great
work on security fixes and stability fixes in particular. Their
comments in reviews are insightful and they have helped to onboard new
reviewers and taken the time to work with people on their patches.

Existing neutron cores, please vote +1/-1 for the addition of Henry
and Kevin to the core team.



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