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We surely may take into account the beauty of the code in both cases
(as for me, Pecan loses here, too) and argue about global objects and
stuff, but I'm trying to look at amount of men and time we need to
move to one of these frameworks.

I wouldn't say our API is badly designed, nevertheless Pecan still has
a lot of issues needed to be fixed by hand. We don't want to spend
much time to this task, because it is mostly the matter of convenience
and simplicity for developers, it changes nothing in features or
customer-facing behavior.

And if we take in account the amount of hours we need to move, based
on my experience Flask definitely wins here.

On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 4:03 PM, Sebastian Kalinowski
<> wrote:
> 2014-12-03 13:47 GMT+01:00 Igor Kalnitsky <>:
>> > I don't like that Flask uses a global request object [3].
>> Przemyslaw, actually Pecan does use global objects too. BTW, what's
>> wrong with global objects? They are thread-safe in both Pecan and
>> Flask.
> To be fair, Pecan could also pass request and response explicit to method
> [1]
> [1]
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