Hi all,
enable_new_services in nova.conf seems to allow add new compute nodes in
disabled state:
so it would allow to check everything first, before allowing production
workloads host a VM on it. I've filed a bug to Fuel to use this by default
when we scale up the env (add more computes) [1].

A few questions:

   1. can we somehow enable compute service for test tenant first? So cloud
   administrator would be able to run test VMs on the node, and after ensuring
   that everything is fine - to enable service for all tenants
   2. What about Cinder? Is there a similar option / ability?
   3. What about other OpenStack projects?

What is your opinion, how we should approach the problem (if there is a

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1398817
Mike Scherbakov
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