On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 09:43:41AM -0500, David Kranz wrote:
> A recent proposed test to tempest was making explicit calls to the nova
> extension discovery api rather than using test.requires_ext. The reason was
> because we configure tempest.conf in the gate as 'all' for extensions, and
> the test involved an extension that was new in Juno. So the icehouse run
> failed. Since the methodology of branchless tempest requires that new conf
> flags be added for new features, we should stop having devstack configure
> with 'all'. Does any one disagree with that, or have a better solution?

There is a BP in progress for doing this:


The patches are in progress here:




The solution is that we use 'all' on master devstack, but we want to have a
static list set for the stable branch devstacks. Until the bp is finished
patches that add tests which use new extensions will be blocked.

-Matt Treinish

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