The more I think on it. I agree with Rob Cresswell comment "While clicking off the modal is relatively easy to do my accident, hitting Esc or 'X' are fairly distinct actions."

While there is nothing wrong with warning the user that they will lose data after they clicked the 'x' / 'esc'... That was a deliberate action by them. So might be over engineering this.

My vote is to just keep it simple and go with changing the default behavior to 'static'.

On 12/4/2014 8:08 AM, Timur Sufiev wrote:
Hi Aaron,

The only way to combine 2 aforementioned solutions I've been thinking of is to implement David's solution as the 4th option (in addition to true|false|static) on a per-form basis, leaving the possibility to change the default value in configs. I guess this sort of combining would be as simple as just putting both patches together (perhaps, changing a bit David's js-code for catching 'click' event - to work only for the modal forms with [data-modal-backdrop='confirm']).

On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 1:30 AM, Aaron Sahlin < <>> wrote:

    I would be happy with either the two proposed solutions (both
    improvements over the what we have now).
    Any thoughts on combining them?   Only close if esc or 'x' is
    clicked, but also warn them if data was entered.

    On 12/3/2014 7:21 AM, Rob Cresswell (rcresswe) wrote:
    +1 to changing the behaviour to 'static'. Modal inside a modal is
    potentially slightly more useful, but looks messy and
    inconsistent, which I think outweighs the functionality.


    On 2 Dec 2014, at 12:21, Timur Sufiev <
    <>> wrote:

    Hello, Horizoneers and UX-ers!

    The default behavior of modals in Horizon (defined in turn by
    Bootstrap defaults) regarding their closing is to simply close
    the modal once user clicks somewhere outside of it (on the
    backdrop element below and around the modal). This is not very
    convenient for the modal forms containing a lot of input - when
    it is closed without a warning all the data the user has already
    provided is lost. Keeping this in mind, I've made a patch [1]
    changing default Bootstrap 'modal_backdrop' parameter to
    'static', which means that forms are not closed once the user
    clicks on a backdrop, while it's still possible to close them by
    pressing 'Esc' or clicking on the 'X' link at the top right
    border of the form. Also the patch [1] allows to customize this
    behavior (between 'true'-current one/'false' - no backdrop
    element/'static') on a per-form basis.

    What I didn't know at the moment I was uploading my patch is
    that David Lyle had been working on a similar solution [2] some
    time ago. It's a bit more elaborate than mine: if the user has
    already filled some some inputs in the form, then a confirmation
    dialog is shown, otherwise the form is silently dismissed as it
    happens now.

    The whole point of writing about this in the ML is to gather
    opinions which approach is better:
    * stick to the current behavior;
    * change the default behavior to 'static';
    * use the David's solution with confirmation dialog (once it'll
    be rebased to the current codebase).

    What do you think?


    P.S. I remember that I promised to write this email a week ago,
    but better late than never :).

-- Timur Sufiev
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