The Oslo team spent yesterday working on our backlog. We triaged all of our 
“New” bugs and re-triaged many of the other existing open bugs, closing some as 
obsolete or fixed. We reviewed many patches in the backlog as well, and landed 
quite a few. We did not clear as much of the backlog for our “big” libraries as 
I had hoped, but we still made good progress on the other libraries.

The oslo.db, oslo.messaging, and taskflow libraries all have quite large 
backlogs of reviews to be done. These libraries require some specialized 
knowledge, and so it was a little more difficult to include them in the bulk 
review sprint. I would like to schedule separate review days each of these 
libraries in turn. We will talk about this at the next team meeting and see if 
we can schedule the first for a few weeks from now.

We used for coordinating, and 
you’ll find more detailed notes there if you’re interested.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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