The Oslo team is pleased to announce the release of oslo.context 0.1.0. This is 
the first version of oslo.context, the library containing the base class for 
the request context object. This is a relatively small module, but we’ve placed 
it in a separate library so oslo.messaging and oslo.log can both influence its 
API without “owning” it or causing circular dependencies.

This initial release includes enough support for projects to start adopting the 
oslo_context.RequestContext as the base class for existing request context 
implementations. The documentation [1] covers the basic API that is present 
now. We expect to find a few holes as we start integrating the library into 
existing projects, so liaisons please work with us to identify and plug the 
holes by reporting bugs or raising issues in #openstack-oslo.

There are a few more API additions planned for the library, but those will come 
later in the release cycle. Please see the spec for details if you are 
interested [2].



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