Hi guys,

I apologize for taking so long to get to this, but I think once we start 
meeting, our momentum will build.

I'm cross posting this to dev and operators so anyone who is interested can 
participate.  I've set up a Doodle to vote on the first set of times (these 
happen to work for me and for a dev in Europe, but if we don't get enough 
positive votes, we'll try again).  I will also cross post the meeting schedule 
and add it to the  meetings wiki page when we have decided on the meeting.  
I've stuck with Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to keep the meetings during the 
work week.  I know we are close to the holidays, so I'll give this a week to 
get votes unless I get heavy turnout early.

The doodle poll: https://doodle.com/7tkwu65s8b7vt5ex

I'm working on summarizing the etherpads from the summit and will be posting 
that as a document either on a wiki page or a google doc.

The first session came out with some possible Kilo actions that would help 
logging.  I think our first meeting should focus on:


*         Logging bugs against logging - how to and how to advertise to the 
rest of Operators group

*         Working with devs:  Kilo possible dev help, getting info from devs on 
what/when to review specs/code

*         Where and what form we document our progress, information, etc

*         Where to focus efforts on Standards (docs, specs, review lists, 
project liaisons, etc)

*         Review progress (bugs, specs, docs, whatever)

So, please vote on the doodle and please let's start the discussion.  I will 
post this separately to dev and operators so that the operators can discuss 
this without spamming the developers until we have something they would want to 
comment on.

--Rocky Grober

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