My experience with building Fuel plugins with UI part is following. To
build a ui-less plugin, it takes 3 seconds and those commands:

git clone
cd ./test-plugin
fpb --build ./

When UI added, build start to look like this and takes many minutes:

git clone
git clone
cd ./fuel-web
git fetch
refs/changes/00/112600/24 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
cd ..
mkdir -p ./fuel-web/nailgun/static/plugins/test-plugin
cp -R ./test-plugin/ui/* ./fuel-web/nailgun/static/plugins/test-plugin
cd ./fuel-web/nailgun
npm install && npm update
grunt build --static-dir=static_compressed
cd ../..
rm -rf ./test-plugin/ui
mkdir ./test-plugin/ui
cp -R ./fuel-web/nailgun/static_compressed/plugins/test-plugin/*
cd ./test-plugin
fpb --build ./

I think we need something not so complex and fragile

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