I'm happy to say that the Swift 2.2.1 release candidate is available.

Please take a look, and if nothing is found, we'll release this as the final 
2.2.1 version at the end of the week.

This release includes a lot of great improvements for operators. You can see 
the change log at

One note about the tag name. The recent release of setuptools has started 
enforcing PEP440. According to that spec, 2.2.1rc1 (ie the old way we tagged 
things) is normalized to 2.2.1c1. See for the details. Since 
OpenStack infrastructure relies on setuptools parsing to determine the tarball 
name, the tags we use need to be already normalized so that the tag in the repo 
matches the tarball created. Therefore, the new tag name is 2.2.1c1.


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