Thanks for all those who showed up and helped in the sprint (even those in spirit; due to setuptools issues happening this week)!

We knocked out a good number of reviews and hopefully can keep knocking them out as time goes on...

Etherpad for those interested:

Feel free to keep on helping (it's always appreciated).

Thanks agains!


Doug Hellmann wrote:
On Dec 10, 2014, at 2:12 PM, Joshua Harlow<>  wrote:

Hi everyone,

The OpenStack oslo team will be hosting a virtual sprint in the
Freenode IRC channel #openstack-oslo for the taskflow subproject on
Wednesday 12-17-2014 starting at 16:00 UTC and going for ~8 hours.

The goal of this sprint is to work on any open reviews, documentation
or any other integration questions, development and so-on, so that we
can help progress the taskflow subproject forward at a good rate.

Live version of the current documentation is available here:

The code itself lives in the openstack/taskflow respository.

Please feel free to join if interested, curious, or able.

Much appreciated,

Joshua Harlow

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Thanks for setting this up, Josh!

This day works for me. We need to make sure a couple of other Oslo cores can 
make it that day for the sprint to really be useful, so everyone please let us 
know if you can make it.


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