Mistral Kilo-1 (tagged as 2015.1.0b1) has been released.

In this release we completed 10 blueprints and fixed 18 bugs.  The most 
noticeable achievements are:

Fully completed direct workflow “join” control which remarkably enriches 
variety of ways that user can build workflows. “join" allows to synchronize 
multiple routes running in parallel in a workflow and merge their results their 
results for further processing. Two examples of that have been added into 
mistral-extra project (see “send_tenant_stat_join” workflow in 
tenant_statistics.yaml workbook and workflow create_vm_and_volume.yaml)
Any workflow now finally can be correctly resumed if it was previously paused.
Partially completed “for-each” task execution pattern that allows processing 
multiple items passed as a collection to a task. This feature is now 
experimental and the team is actively working on stabilizing it: both design 
and implementation.
“pause-before” task policy which in conjunction with workflow resume can be 
used to run workflows in what can be called “debug mode” or step by step. This, 
however, is not all that the Team is planning to do on that topic. Even more 
exciting capabilities like running workflows in “dry run” mode and allowing 
"human interventions in case of errors and resuming workflows" are on the 
Task-executor affinity with using “target” task property. Tasks can be 
configured to be running only on a certain group of executors.
Fixed a number bugs with authentication and multitenancy support.
Significantly improved integration testing.
And finally we started HA testing & Benchmarking with Rally and got first 
results. This work will be consistently going on. All ideas and results on 
testing will be shared and everyone is welcome to contribute their vision and 

Mistral Server and Mistral Client release launchpad pages:


P.S.: We’ve made a decision to follow all the release procedures adopted for 
official OpenStack projects to simplify future incubation and integration and 
from now on all terms, principles and versioning will be corresponding.

Renat Akhmerov
@ Mirantis Inc.

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