You can set/unset key value pairs to your volume type with the cinder type-key 
command. Or you can also set them in the Horizon Admin console under the 
Admin->Volumes->Volume Types tab, then select “View Extra Specs” Action.

$cinder help type-key
usage: cinder type-key <vtype> <action> <key=value> [<key=value> ...]

Sets or unsets extra_spec for a volume type.

Positional arguments:
  <vtype>      Name or ID of volume type.
  <action>     The action. Valid values are 'set' or 'unset.'
  <key=value>  The extra specs key and value pair to set or unset. For unset,
               specify only the key.

cinder type-key GoldVolumeType set volume_backend_name=my_iscsi_backend


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One more question.
Is there any equivalent API to add keys to the volume-type? I understand we 
have APIs for creating volume-type? But how about adding key-value pair (say I 
want to add-key to the volume-type as backend-name="my_iscsi_backend" ?


On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Duncan Thomas 
<<>> wrote:
See - now merged. I don't believe the 
python-cinderclient side work has been done yet, nor anything in Horizon, but 
the API itself is now there.

On 7 December 2014 at 09:53, Pradip Mukhopadhyay 
<<>> wrote:

Is there a way to find out/list down the backends discovered for Cinder?

There is, I guess, no API for get the list of backends.


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