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> Hi Daniel,
> Having GA to do graceful restart is nice option. But if it were to just
> preserve the same console file, even 'virsh reboot' achieves the purpose. As
> I explained in my original analysis, Nova seems to have not taken the path,
> as it does not want to have a false positive, where the GA does not respond
> or 'virDomain.reboot' fails later and the domain is not really restarted. [
> CC-ed vish, author of nova
> <http://tripsgrips.corp.gq1.yahoo.com:8080/source/xref/nova/nova/>/virt 
> <http://tripsgrips.corp.gq1.yahoo.com:8080/source/xref/nova/nova/virt/>/libvirt
> <http://tripsgrips.corp.gq1.yahoo.com:8080/source/xref/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/>/driver.py
> <http://tripsgrips.corp.gq1.yahoo.com:8080/source/xref/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py>
> ]
> IMHO, QEMU should preserve the console-log file for a given domain, if it
> exists, by not opening with O_TRUNC option, instead opening with O_APPEND. I
> would like to draw a comparison of a real computer to which we might be
> connected over serial console, and the box gets powered down and up with
> external button press, and we do not lose the console history, if connected.
> And that's what is the experience console-log intends to provide. If you
> think, this is agreeable, please let me know, I will send the patch to
> qemu-devel@.

The issue is more complex than just removing the O_TRUNC from the open() flags.

I havd a proposal that will (almost by accident) fix this in qemu by allowing
console log files to be "rotated".  I'm also waorking on a similar feature in

I think the tl;dr: is that this /shoudl/ be fixed in kilo with a 'modern' 

Yours Tony.

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