I have submitted a new blueprint(quota-instance-memory) 
    the link is:
    Merry Christmas!^_^


Name     :  Li zheming
Company :  Hua Wei
Address  : Shenzhen China
Tel:0086 18665391827

At 2014-12-22 22:32:52,"Jay Pipes" <> wrote:
>On 12/22/2014 04:54 AM, li-zheming wrote:
>> hi all: Bp
>> flavor-quota-memory(
>> was submitted by my partner in havana.   but it has abandoned because
>> of  some reason.
>Some reason == the submitter failed to provide any details on how the 
>work would be implemented, what the use cases were, and any alternatives 
>that might be possible.
> >  I want to  continue to this blueprint. Based on the
>> rules about BP for
>> <> kilo,
>> for this bp, spec is not necessary, so I submit the code directly and
>> give commit message to clear out questions in spec.  Is it right? how
>> can I do? thanks!
>Specs are no longer necessary for smallish features, no. A blueprint is 
>still necessary on Launchpad, so you should be able to use the abandoned 
>one you link above -- which, AFAICT, has enough implementation details 
>about the proposed changes.
>Alternately, if you cannot get the original submitter to remove the spec 
>link to the old spec review, you can always start a new blueprint and we 
>can mark that one as obselete.
>I'd like Dan Berrange (cc'd) to review whichever blueprint on Launchpad 
>you end up using. Please let us know what you do.
>All the best,
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