John and Ramy,

Thanks for the feedback. So, we will create an IBM Storage CI Check account and slowly deprecate the multiple accounts as we consolidate the hardware.


On 12/23/2014 08:11 PM, Asselin, Ramy wrote:
I agree with John. Option 4: one ci account for all drivers.

The only valid reasons I'm aware of to use multiple accounts for a single 
vendor is if the hardware required to run the tests are not accessible from a 
'central' ci system, or if the ci systems are managed by different teams.

Otherwise, as you stated, it's more complicated to manage & maintain.


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On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 12:07 PM, Alon Marx <> wrote:
Hi All,

In IBM we have several cinder drivers, with a number of CI accounts.
In order to improve the CI management and maintenance, we decided to
build a single Jenkins master that will run several jobs for the drivers we own.
Adding the jobs to the jenkins master went ok, but we encountered a
problem with the CI accounts. We have several drivers and several
accounts, but in the Jenkins master, the Zuul configuration has only
one gerrit account that reports.

So there are several questions:
1. Was this problem encountered by others? How did they solve it?
2. Is there a way to configure Zuul on the Jenkins master to report
different jobs with different CI accounts?
3. If there is no way to configure the master to use several CI
accounts, should we build a Jenkins master per driver?
4. Or another alternative, should we use a single CI account for all
drivers we own, and report all results under that account?

We'll appreciate any input.


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If you have a look at a review in gerrit you can see others appear to have a single 
account with multiple tests/results submitted.  HP, EMC and NetApp all appear to be 
pretty clear examples of how to go about doing this.  My personal preference on this has 
always been a single CI account anyway with the different drivers consolidated under it; 
if nothing else it reduces clutter in the review posting and makes it "easier" 
to find what you might be looking for.

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