> What you’re saying is that whatever is under “$.env” is just the exact same 
> environment that we passed when we started the workflow? If yes then it 
> definitely makes sense to me (it just allows to explicitly access 
> environment, not through the implicit variable lookup). Please confirm.

Yes. the $.env that I original proposed would be the same dict as the one
supplied at start_workflow.  Although we have to agree whether the
variables in the environment are allowed to change after the WF started.
Unless there's a valid use case, I would lean toward making env immutable.

> One thing that I strongly suggest is that we clearly define all reserved
keys like “env”, “__actions” etc. I think it’d be better if they all
started with the same prefix, for example, double underscore.

Agree. How about using double underscore for env as well (i.e.
$.__env.var1, $.__env.var2)?
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