It's been a bad week for CI, mostly due to setuptools.

Cores, please review immediately,
as CI is currently broken.

2014-12-19 - Neutron committed a change which had a symlink. This broke
"pip install neutron", which broke CI for around 6 hours.

2014-12-22 - the release of pip 6.0 immediately triggered two distinct
issues. One was fixed by 6.0.2 being released, the other required a patch
to version specifiers in ceilometer. In total, CI was broken for around 24

2014-12-24 - new nodepool images were built which contained pip 6.0. This
triggered another issue related to the fact that pip now creates ~/.cache
if it doesn't already exist. At the time of writing, CI has been broken for
~3.5 days. seems to fix the
problem, but it needs to get review from cores before it can land.

Not listed here: setuptools 8.4 was released, then pulled after it was
found to have problems installing/upgrading many packages. Because our CI
was already broken, this had no noticeable effect.

As always, most of this information is pulled from DerekH's notes on and more details can
be found there.
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