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There are two driver modes in manila currently, "multi_svm_mode" and 

"multi_svm_mode" means usage of share-networks that contain network information 
for dynamic creation of share-servers (SVMs).
"single_svm_mode" means usage of predefined some endpoint, without need to 
provide share-network and without creation of share-servers (SVMs).

Currently, the name of driver mode describes how many servers the driver can 
For "multi", it says that share driver can handle more than one server.
And,  if someone share server is just already exist from share driver, but it 
uses some server anyway with host address, username, password, NFS daemon, 
etc... are defined as works in "single_svm" mode too.

But, as a new user to manila, these names make me really confusing.
Because I thought the driver mode names describe how drivers works with 
I thought "multi-" and "single-" indicate the number of share-servers would 
been created when we create a share, if we are using the driver.
Obviously, my understanding is wrong.

When we're working under driver generic, one share-server would be created for 
one share-network.
When we're working under driver glusterfs, no share-server would be created at 

I believe I would not be the only one who is making this mistake.
To make code more readable, I'd like to suggest to rename driver mode names.

Name them based on behavior but not ability.

I think three driver modes are needed:

-          dynamic_svm_mode :

                                  Usage of share-networks that contain network 
information for dynamic creation of share-servers (SVMs).

                                  This is how current generic driver works.

                                  Under this mode, driver manages share servers 
itself,  and share-server would be created and deleted with related shares.

-          static_svm_mode:   Using pre-create share servers.

                              The case as 

                              Under this mode, driver do not manage share 
servers, but work with them.

-          no_svm_mode:  the case as driver glusterfs working currently, no 
share-server would be created.


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