Looks like this started on 12/29. I checked the neutron commits around that time and there are some related to ports/interfaces and openvswitch but I'm not sure that they contributing to this issue.

I've put a bunch of notes and log links in the bug report, basically there is a race in a tempest test where it creates a server and adds two ports to it (so a total of three), it waits for each port to be ACTIVE before continuing, and then does a show port call by port ID and server ID and expects the port to be the same as what it originally created. When this fails, the expected port_status is 'ACTIVE' but the actual port_status is 'BUILD'.

I've found in the logs where nova/neutron are seeing the port going to 'BUILD' state but I don't know enough about the neutron code to tell what actually triggers this change, the only place I see 'BUILD' used is in the nova event notifier code in neutron which is related to the vif plug/unplug callback on nova server boot.

This isn't the top gate bug, but it's got a significant number of hits and seems like something that we should be able to reasonably get a quick handle on given I think we know when it started (12/29 according to logstash, I caught it before the 10 day index in logstash passed).



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