I’m looking into the Octavia project in relation to something my team are 
working on inside HP and I have a bunch of questions.  I realise it is early 
days for the project and some of these could be too low level at this time.

Some of these questions come from the fact that I could not get the 
documentation to compile and the docs site for Octavia is down.  The 
v0.5-component-design.dot file crashes Graphviz 2.38 in every OS I tried and 
unfortunately all my dev machines have that version or 2.36 which is too low to 
render it correctly.  It also requires at least 5 extra dependencies (Sphinx 
modules) to build the docs but doesn’t try to install them.

I’ll guess I’ll start from the most obvious question:

1. Octavia looks a lot like Libra but with integration into Neutron and 
Barbican (both were planned for Libra) as well as few other changes.  So the 
most obvious question is: why not just develop Libra for integration with 

Amphorae stuff:

2. I see a lot of building blocks for the controller and Amphorae but not a lot 
about communication.  What protocol / method is to be used to communicate to 
the Amphorae instances?
3. How are Amphorae instances to be spun up on-demand?  I see a reference to 
Heat but not sure if that is why it is there
4. There is mention of Docker in some of the deploy scripts.  Is this for 
multi-tenancy or just separation of the Amphorae processes?
5. I take it Amphorae is designed to be single-AZ for now?

Load Balancing:

6. It seems like you are going to have SSL termination support and are going to 
use HAProxy, which means that you will have unencrypted data between the LB and 
web servers.  How do you plan to work around this problem?


7. Someone in the specification there is talk of a 1 minute cache of security 
certificates.  How are you going to ensure that the cache will actually erase 
that cache after the 1 minute?  Also why cache them at all?  It seems to me to 
be a potential security risk


8. More a comment than a question.  There is talk of using Pecan+WSME.  Libra 
had a 5K patch on top of WSME just to make it behave correctly with Pecan and 
correct JSON specifications in certain situations, judging by the planned API 
you will also hit those same situations.  I admit I’ve not looked at WSME for a 
year and there was an effort to strip it out of Libra completely at one point.  
So that one is mainly my 2c :)

Many thanks for your time.

Kind Regards
Andrew Hutchings - LinuxJedi - http://www.linuxjedi.co.uk/

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