The Cross Project team meeting discussed the following specs today:

> * Discuss openstack-spec: log guidelines [1]

> * Discuss openstack-spec: OSProfiler [2]

> * Open discussion & announcements


> [1]

> [2]

For [1], the log guidelines spec is likely to reach approval for merge by the 
next meeting on 1/13.  The spec has not been discussed on any mailing list for 
a while, so might be flying a bit under the radar.  This log guidelines spec is 
high level and states a number of best practices for developers when writing 
the logging chunks of their project code.  It also codifies the set of log 
levels: Error; Warning; Info; etc. and removes the AUDIT level.

Operators and others who hold an interest in this:  *PLEASE REVIEW [1] AND 
COMMENT ON THE REVIEW BY 1/13*  Lack of comments, as always, implies approval.  
If there is only light discussion of the spec, it will be approved.  If there 
is lively discussion, the discussion will move towards consensus before final 

The spec will then be used to expand the code review checklist so that its 
contents are enforced.

For [2], the OSProfiler spec is not as far along, but if you as an Ops (or 
interested developer) sees an issue or has a suggestion for improvement, you 
should also comment on this review.  The profiler already has code in use and 
is considered useful by a number of developers and some DevOps, which is why 
this spec and its review is being highlighted for this audience.

Ops, if you've never commented on a review before, don't let that hurdle stop 
you.  Check  out this page:

It tells you how to post a review.  It doesn't tell you that you need get an 
account on, but that info is here: . I'm not 
sure if you have to be a member of OpenStack for commenting, but I'm sure folks 
will chime in if you do;-)

If working through these docs is hard for you, go out to IRC and folks will 
help get you started so you *can* comment on the reviews.

Also, if there is a section of the spec that you feel needs broader attention, 
start a discussion of it on the mailing list.  Please reference the review and 
the part of the spec you want to discuss, but put it out there on the mailing 
list so the issues/suggestions you have get addressed.


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