+1 on need for this feature

The way I've thought about this is we need a mode that stops the *automatic*
scheduling of routers/dhcp-servers to specific hosts/agents, while allowing
manual assignment of routers/dhcp-servers to those hosts/agents, and where
any existing routers/dhcp-servers on those hosts continue to operate as normal.

The maintenance use case was mentioned: I want to evacuate routers/dhcp-servers
from a host before taking it down, and having the scheduler add new routers/dhcp
while I'm evacuating the node is a) an annoyance, and b) causes a service blip
when I have to right away move that new router/dhcp to another host.

The other use case is adding a new host/agent into an existing environment.
I want to be able to bring the new host/agent up and into the neutron config, 
I don't want any of my customers' routers/dhcp-servers scheduled there until 
had a chance to assign some test routers/dhcp-servers and make sure the new 
is properly configured and fully operational.

- Jack

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