On 09/01/15 07:06, Gregory Haynes wrote:
Excerpts from Steven Hardy's message of 2015-01-08 17:37:55 +0000:
Hi all,

I'm trying to test a fedora-software-config image with some updated
components.  I need:

- Install latest master os-apply-config (the commit I want isn't released)
- Install os-refresh-config fork from https://review.openstack.org/#/c/145764

I can't even get the o-a-c from master part working:

export PATH="${PWD}/dib-utils/bin:$PATH"
export DIB_INSTALLTYPE_os_apply_config=source

diskimage-builder/bin/disk-image-create vm fedora selinux-permissive \
   os-collect-config os-refresh-config os-apply-config \
   heat-config-ansible \
   heat-config-cfn-init \
   heat-config-docker \
   heat-config-puppet \
   heat-config-salt \
   heat-config-script \
   ntp \
   -o fedora-software-config.qcow2

This is what I'm doing, both tools end up as pip installed versions AFAICS,
so I've had to resort to manually hacking the image post-DiB using

Pretty sure there's a way to make DiB do this, but don't know what, anyone
able to share some clues?  Do I have to hack the elements, or is there a
better way?

The docs are pretty sparse, so any help would be much appreciated! :)



Hey Steve,

source-repositories is your friend here :) (check out
dib/elements/source-repositires/README). One potential gotcha is that
because source-repositires is an element it really only applies to tools
used within images (and os-apply-config is used outside the image). To
fix this we have a shim in tripleo-incubator/scripts/pull-tools which
emulates the functionality of source-repositories.

Example usage:

* checkout os-apply-config to the ref you wish to use
* export DIB_REPOLOCATION_os_apply_config="/path/to/oac"
* export DIB_REPOREF_os_refresh_config="refs/changes/64/145764/1"
* start your devtesting

The good news is that devstack is already set up to do this. When HEAT_CREATE_TEST_IMAGE=True devstack will build packages from the currently checked-out os-*-config tools, build a pip repo and configure apache to serve it.

Then the elements *should* install from these packages - we're not gating on this functionality (yet) so its possible it has regressed but shouldn't be too hard to get going again.

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