On 01/08/2015 05:34 AM, Ken'ichi Ohmichi wrote:

Unfortunately, I cannot join tomorrow meeting.
So I'd like to share the progress of tempest-lib RestClient
dev before the meeting.

As Paris summit consensus, we have a plan to move RestClient
from tempest to tempest-lib for moving API tests to each project
in the future. And we are cleaning the code of RestClient up in
tempest now. The progress will be complete with some patches[1].
After merging them, I will move the code to tempest-lib.

This dev requires many patches/reviews, and many people have
already worked well. Thank you very much for helping this dev,
and I appreciate continuous effort.


Ken Ohmichi
Ken, I have a question about this. The end goal is to move the service clients and so they must also be free of CONF references. But your current changes create a ServiceClient that still uses CONF in its constructor rather than taking the arguments. So I'm not sure what ServiceClient is adding. I also think whatever class the service clients are inheriting cannot contain CONF values?

I was assuming the final arrangement would be something like, using neutron as an example:

tempest_lib.RestClient(all needed args)
  tempest_lib.NeutronClient(all needed args to super)
     tempest.NeutronClient(pass CONF values to super)

and where the tempest_lib neutron client would be used by neutron tests either through inheritance or delegation. Is that different than your vision?



2015-01-08 2:44 GMT+09:00 David Kranz <dkr...@redhat.com>:
Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the weekly OpenStack QA team IRC meeting will be
tomorrow Thursday, January 8th at 22:00 UTC in the #openstack-meeting

The agenda for tomorrow's meeting can be found here:
Anyone is welcome to add an item to the agenda.

It's also worth noting that a few weeks ago we started having a regular
dedicated Devstack topic during the meetings. So if anyone is interested in
Devstack development please join the meetings to be a part of the

To help people figure out what time 22:00 UTC is in other timezones
meeting will be at:

17:00 EST
07:00 JST
08:30 ACDT
23:00 CET
16:00 CST
14:00 PST

-David Kranz

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