Hi All,

I recently experienced failures getting images from Glance while spawning 
instances. This step comes after building the networks in the guild sequence. 
When the Glance failure occurred the instance was cleaned up and rescheduled as 
expected, but the networks were not cleaned up. On investigation I found that 
the cleanup code for the networks is in the compute manager's 
_do_build_run_instance() method as follows:

            # NOTE(comstud): Deallocate networks if the driver wants
            # us to do so.
            if self.driver.deallocate_networks_on_reschedule(instance):
                self._cleanup_allocated_networks(context, instance,

The default behavior in for the deallocate_networks_on_schedule() method 
defined in ComputeDriver is:

    def deallocate_networks_on_reschedule(self, instance):
        """Does the driver want networks deallocated on reschedule?"""
        return False

Only the Ironic driver over rides this method to return True, so I think this 
means the networks will not be cleaned up for any other virt driver.

Is this really the desired behavior?

I have filed a bug for this and plan to fix it: 

My initial thought is to fix this either by making the method in the base class 
return True or by adding the method to virt drivers returning True (I would 
expect the former). But I wanted to check if there is a reason for the base 
class behavior (and so the default behavior) to be *NOT* to clean up the 


Paul Murray
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