On 01/14/2015 08:40 PM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
The point was brought up that some recommendations that the working group
forms will be jarring for APIs to implement when going from vN.* to vN+1.0
for both developers and consumers. Client libraries often provide
compatibility (or upgrade-path) versions to help bridge the gap between
going from vN.* to vN+1.0. As a group, we’re looking for feedback from the
developers on the following topics:

- Does this seem preferable?

i think it's a really nice idea to have some sort of guidelines to assist with the development of compatibility version. i know i would use it =)

- Does it sound reasonable and maintainable?

good question, my fear would be that we would start strong but fade once more than a few versions were published. having a clear procedure for updating and maintaining the guidelines might help.

- Does it seem reasonable as a way of improving user experience and

for me, yes.

If you have a positive feeling for this idea, there are a couple

- Should the API WG recommend a strategy for this versioning path?
- If so, should the versioning path work like:

   - vN.M -> vN.99 -> vN+1.0
     We would use .99 to indicate that you it’s compatible with vN.* but
also provides information/endpoints in vN+1)
   - or vN.M -> vN+1.0 -> vN+2.0
     In this case we would make N+1 be the compatibility version (perhaps
do not allow increments of the minor version) and N+2 would be the version
of the API that is fully in-compliance with the Working Group’s final

this is an interesting idea. i think it would be nice if we could develop something that would be a clear indication to developers exactly which version and capabilities an api is presenting.

of those two options, i'm leaning more towards the vN.99 approach.

thanks for bringing it up Ian!


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