For those who haven’t seen it, I’d like to first share Jay Pipes’ unbelievably 
thorough blog post on Nova update concurrency, specifically as it relates to 
the issue of emitting an UPDATE on a "locked” row without using SELECT..FOR 
UPDATE (as well as why we *can’t* keep using SELECT..FOR UPDATE).  Go read it, 
I’ll wait here:

Got all that?     OK.   There’ve been two patches so far I’m aware of to 
implement this within a key area in nova.  We have Jay’s and Matt Booth’s:

So what I want to do with either of those (Matt’s seems to be a little further 
along) is factor out all that UPDATE stuff, and make a nice oslo.db function 
that will:

1. emit an UPDATE statement that matches a row on a full set of attributes 
present in a given object “specimen”;

2. if exactly one row matched, retrieve the primary key of that row using as 
efficient a means as possible given the backend database and schema design;

3. return a persistent version of the given “specimen” as though it was just 
SELECTed from the database.

I have that ready to go, which most likely can be of use in many more scenarios 
than just this one.  I invite folks to take a look:


         specimen = MyModel(
                y='y9', z='z5', x=6,

        result = session.query(MyModel).update_on_match(
                                values={'x': 9, 'z': 'z3'})

        # result is now a persistent version of "specimen" (at the moment
        # the same object) with all the new values.  the UPDATE statement 
        # to match all of x, y, z and uuid.

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