Hi openstack-dev@,

The barbican team would like to retire the 2.x branch of python-barbicanclient 
in favor of the 3.x branch:


The 3.x branch of python-barbicanclient represents a major improvement of the 
Barbican client.  The main breaking change between the 2.x and 3.x clients is 
the adoption of Keystone Sessions exclusively for authentication, so all 
python-barbicanclient specific authentication mechanisms from 2.x were removed.

The 3.x branch also includes a few changes to the Secret and Order models to 
make them more usable.  Specifically, both Orders and Secrets hold a handle to 
their respective EntityManager, so you don’t have to juggle two different 
objects to work with a single entity.  e.g. Storing a secret can now be done by 
calling Secret.store() on the secret instance.

-Douglas Mendizábal

Douglas Mendizábal
IRC: redrobot
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