On 01/17/2015 12:47 PM, Boris Pavlovic wrote:
Hi stackers,

I have an idea about removing almost half of rally scenarios and keep
all functionality.

Currently you can see a lot of similar benchmarks like:

NovaServers.boot_server                      # boot server with passed
NovaServers.boot_and_delete_server  # boot server with passed arguments
and delete

The reason of having this 2 benchmarks are various purpose of them:

1) Nova.boot_server is used for *volume/scale testing*.
Where we would like to see how N active VM works and affects OpenStack
API and booting next VMs.

2) Nova.boot_and_delete_server is used for *performance/load* testing.
We are interested how booting and deleting VM perform in case on various
load (what is different in duration of booting 1 VM when we have 1, 2, M
simultaneously VM boot actions)

*The idea is to keep only 1 boot_server and add arguments "do_delete"
with by default False. *
It means that:

  # this is equal to old Nova.boot_server
NovaServers.boot_server: [{"args": {...} }]

# this is equal to old Nova.boot_and_delete_server
NovaServers.boot_server: [{"args": {..., do_delete: True}]

++ That would be a nice improvement, thanks Boris!


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