The Magnum community is pleased to announce the first release of Magnum 
available now for download from: 

Magnum is a Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) system for OpenStack.

Magnum is meant to launch a minimalistic host OS such as Fedora Atomic, CoreOS, 
or  Ubuntu Snappy.  The OS includes enough tools to launch Docker, Kubernetes, 
and Flannel.  Once the OS is launched, Magnum configures the OS clusters for 
multi-tenant users.

Magnum has seven major objects:
        • Bay: A collection of node objects where work is scheduled
        • BayModel: An object stores template information about the bay which 
is used to create new bays consistently
        • Node: A baremetal or virtual machine where work executes
        • Pod: A collection of containers running on one physical or virtual 
        • Service: An abstraction which defines a logical set of pods and a 
policy by which to access them
        • ReplicationController: An abstraction for managing a group of PODs to 
ensure a specified number of PODs are running
        • Container: A docker container

Magnum also includes a python client available from:

To get started with the code, try out the developer oriented documention for 
using Magnum available here:

Please contact us on Freenode IRC (#openstack-containers) for any questions 
during your quick start.
        • Multi-tenancy is not yet implemented, but coming soon.
        • Magnum is designed to allow deployment of Containers on any compute 
form factor, including Bare metal, virtual machines, and nested within 
        • Ironic integration is coming soon, using the nova ironic scheduler.
        • Magnum is not limited to only using a uOS, we just don't want to 
introduce extra dependencies beyond what are usually available there.

For more information on work completed in this milestone check out the 
blueprints completed:

Please contribute to Magnum.  Visit our project page on the OpenStack Wiki to 
find our meeting schedule and project information:
    Magnum Repo - https://github.com/stackforge/magnum and 


Adrian Otto
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