On 01/14/2015 01:47 AM, Ton Ngo wrote:
Hi Tomas,
      I think your patch is a great start so we can prototype quickly;  I am
trying it out right now.  We can break up the implementation into several
parts that can be updated more or less independently based on the feedback.


Hey everyone,

I've sent another revision, this time something that I think can actually be mergeable (sans the missing tests, I'll add some tomorrow).

There are two patches now:

https://review.openstack.org/#/c/146123/ (heat-engine)

https://review.openstack.org/#/c/149319/ (python-heatclient)

They're using the environment to determine which resources should have breakpoints (python-hetaclient converts the convenient CLI invocation to appropriate environment entries).

Both stack-create and stack-update support breakpoints and you can run stack-update on a stack that's waiting on a breakpoint and things should just work.

Breakpoints on resources in nested stacks are supported. The spec mentioned prefixing such resources with the nested template name but that's not sufficient to resolve all the conflits so we check the absolute path up the nested stacks instead. Both heatclient and the environment offer a bit of syntactic sugar to make this less tedious.

You can clear active breakpoints by calling `heat clear-breakpoint mystack resource_1 resource_2 ...`.

Feedback is much appreciated!


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