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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [Cinder][3rd CI] Confused about “*real* storage 
backend”requirement for 3rd CI.

On 01/22/2015 05:39 PM, Duncan Thomas wrote:
Please take a look at to learn how to 
configure devstack to use your driver rather than LVM.

On 22 January 2015 at 13:28, liuxinguo 
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Hi Mike,

I received a email named “All Cinder Drivers Must Have a Third Party CI By 
March 19th 2015” and I feel confused about the “*real* storage backend”.

One of the requirements is: Run Tempest [5][6] volume tests against the 
devstack environment that's hooked up to your *real* storage backend.

•         And my confusion is:
•         Every time the CI is triggered by a newly came patch, the 3rd CI will 
build a new devstack environment and create a default cinder.conf file whick 
will set the backend to “lvmdriver-1” automatically. And the tempest will run 
against “lvmdriver-1”. So what’s the meaning for a *real* storage backend since 
the cinder.conf will be set to use “lvmdriver-1” automatically for every newly 
came patch ? And how should I configure the cinder.conf file to run the tempest 
for the newly came driver patch came from different venders since different 
venders need different configuration for cinder.conf file and need different 
storage backend. I mean, does our CI should run tempest against our *real* 
storage backend for every newly came driver patch in cinder?


Yes, by default DevStack configures cinder with "LVM". But we can customize 
DevStack to configure cinder with our own backend ("real storage backend").

Below is the link to the path, enables Automatic Configuration of GlusterFS for 
Cinder using devstack:

And also below it the link to Configure CEPH with Cinder using devstack:

Above two are old way of "real storage" plugin implementation. Sean Dague 
proposed a new way of devstack plugin implementation. Have a look at below two 

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