Given the international nature of this team and the difficulty with travel, I'm thinking that 2 "morning" and 1 "afternoon" session will be the best chance for everyone to get together. The meetup will be primarily virtual, but since several of us (including me) are in RTP North Carolina we will be happy to host anyone that wants to travel and join us locally at the NetApp RTP campus.

After talking to other core members, I'd like to propose that we hold the meetup at the following times:

Wednesday 11 Feb: 1300-1700 UTC
Wednesday 11 Feb: 1800-2200 UTC
Thursday 12 Feb: 1300-1700 UTC

Do these time work for everyone who wants to join? Is there enough time to arrange travel for those of you who would like to participate locally? Please indicate your availability on the etherpad we started last Thursday:

-Ben Swartzlander

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