Hi all,

Implementing a driver for lbaas and am running into some trouble.

The load balancer is a VM hosted on the compute node within devstack and the 
driver can create vips, pools and members no problem.

The problem lies when trying to access the service hosted by the VIP.

>From TCP dumps on the load balancer instance we can see that the traffic hits 
>the load balancer and the load balancer replies but the reply does not reach 
>the client.

Is there an implementation reason why this might occur (i.e. not creating a 
port or doing some neutron configuration within the driver) or could there be 
another issue at play here.

We are using stable/juno devstack for test purposes. We can access the load 
balancer GUI no problem via the browser its just anything hosted by the LB 
services is inaccessible.

Any help would be appreciated

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