As most of you might know we have a bunch of projects inside fuel-web repo
which are not directly related to Fuel Web application. Some of them are
tested together and it seemed we could end up with a set of
 incompatibility issues if we separated them and stopped tracking their
versions on the git level (instead of release level).

Recent activities about separating Fuel Client from Nailgun (api) make me
think we are mature enough to move all other not related project out of
fuel-web repo and bring them together not earlier than on the stage of
system/functional testing.

Next step would be moving out Fuel Agent project. The reason is that it is
independent and potentially could be used even out of Fuel because its data
parsing mechanism is implemented so as to be agnostic to the data format.
Some people could be potentially interested in using it independently with
their own data format. It is tested together with other Fuel components
during system testing only.

Vladimir Kozhukalov
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