On Tue, Jan 27 2015, Clark Boylan wrote:

> So the issue is that the garbage collector segfaults on null objects in
> the to be garbage collected list. Which means that by the time garbage
> collection breaks you don't have the info you need to know what
> references lead to the segfault. I spent a bit of time in gdb debugging
> this and narrowed it down enough to realize what the bug was and find it
> was fixed in later python releases but didn't have the time to sort out
> how to figure out specifically which references in oslo.messaging caused
> the garbage collector to fall over.


Ok, then let's disable it I guess. If there's a chance to keep something
has even a non-voting job, that'd be cool, but I'm not even sure that's
an option if it just doesn't work and we can't keep py33.

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