The Infrastructure program has a unique three-tier team structure:
contributors (that's all of us!), core members (people with +2 ability
on infra projects in Gerrit) and root members (people with
administrative access).  Read all about it here:


Elizabeth K. Joseph has been reviewing a significant number of infra
patches for some time now.  She has taken on a number of very large
projects, including setting up our Git server farm, adding support for
infra servers running on CentOS, and setting up the Zanata translation
system (and all of this without shell access to production machines).

She understands all of our servers, regardless of function, size, or
operating system.  She has frequently spoken publicly about the unique
way in which we perform systems administration, articulating what we are
doing and why in a way that inspires us as much as others.

Due to her strong systems administration background, I am nominating her
for both infra-core and infra-root simultaneously.  I expect many of us
are looking forward to seeing her insight and direction applied with +2s
but also equally excited for her to be able to troubleshoot things when
our best-laid plans meet reality.

Please respond with any comments or concerns.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for all your work!


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