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>> > Hi Anne,
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>> > I think Eugeniya refers to a problem, that we can't really distinguish
>> > between two different  badRequest (400) errors (e.g. wrong security
>> > group name vs wrong key pair name when starting an instance), unless
>> > we parse the error description, which might be error prone.
>> Yeah, current Nova v2 API (not v2.1 API) returns inconsistent messages
>> in badRequest responses, because these messages are implemented at many
>> places. But Nova v2.1 API can return consistent messages in most cases
>> because its input validation framework generates messages
>> automatically[1].
> When you say "most cases", you mean JSON schema validation only, right?
> IIUC, this won't apply to the errors described by the OP such as invalid key
> name, unknown security group, ...

Yeah, right.
I implied that in "most cases" and I have one patch[1] for covering them.
By the patch, the sample messages also will be based on the same
format and be consistent.
The other choice we have is CamelCase exception as the fist mail, that
also is interesting.

Ken Ohmichi

[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/151954

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