After a long wait and much testing, we've merged a change[1] which
moves the remainder of Python 3.3 based jobs to Python 3.4. This is
primarily in service of getting rid of the custom workers we
implemented to perform 3.3 testing more than a year ago, since we
can now run 3.4 tests on normal Ubuntu Trusty workers (with the
exception of a couple bugs[2][3] which have caused us to temporarily
suspend[4] Py3K jobs for oslo.messaging and oslo.rootwrap).

I've personally tested `tox -e py34` on every project hosted in our
infrastructure which was gating on Python 3.3 jobs and they all
still work, so you shouldn't see any issues arise from this change.
If you do, however, please let the Infrastructure team know about it
as soon as possible. Thanks!

Jeremy Stanley

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