Configuration options will change (

- Removed config option: "swift_enable_snet". The default value of
  "swift_enable_snet" was False [1]. The comments indicated not to change this
  default value unless you are Rackspace [2].

- Added config option "swift_store_endpoint". The default value of
  "swift_store_endpoint" is None, in which case the storage url from the auth
  response will be used. If set, the configured endpoint will be used. Example
  values: "swift_store_endpoint" = "";


If you are using "swift_enable_snet" (i.e. You changed the default config from 
False to True in your deployment) and you are not Rackspace, please respond to 
this thread. Note, this is very unlikely as it is a Rackspace only option and 
documented as such.


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