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From: Zane Bitter <zbit...@redhat.com>
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Date: 29/01/2015 17:47
Subject: [openstack-dev] [Heat][Keystone] Native keystone resources in

I got a question today about creating keystone users/roles/tenants in
Heat templates. We currently support creating users via the
AWS::IAM::User resource, but we don't have a native equivalent.

IIUC keystone now allows you to add users to a domain that is otherwise
backed by a read-only backend (i.e. LDAP). If this means that it's now
possible to configure a cloud so that one need not be an admin to create
users then I think it would be a really useful thing to expose in Heat.
Does anyone know if that's the case?

I think roles and tenants are likely to remain admin-only, but we have
precedent for including resources like that in /contrib... this seems
like it would be comparably useful.


I am really not a keystone expert, so don't know what the security
implications would be, but I have heard the requirement or wish to be able
to create users, roles etc. from a template many times. I've talked to
people who want to explore this for onboarding use cases, e.g. for
onboarding of lines of business in a company, or for onboarding customers
in a public cloud case. They would like to be able to have templates that
lay out the overall structure for authentication stuff, and then
parameterize it for each onboarding process.
If this is something to be enabled, that would be interesting to explore.

Thanks for the input everyone. I raised a spec + blueprint here:


I don't have any immediate plans to work on this, so if anybody wants to grab it they'd be more than welcome :)


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